Wiley brand identity concepts
Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In keeping with my recent run of showcasing work long kept from public view, the above identity concept for Wiley is one of four identity directions that I developed for Soullelis Studio in 2009

I agreed not to share my contributions to the project for a period of time, in consideration of difficult decisions the Wiley family were having to make concerning the future of their business. Soullelis Studio delivered top-notch brand strategy for this project and, although my involvement was relatively brief, I got a high speed and in-depth view into the business

At the time Wiley were a global top 20, US-based publishing house specialising in technical printed literature. The imperative to rebrand was that the colophon-based identity gave the impression that Wiley was stuck in tradition and not keeping up with the times

The concept above offers a coded message that suggests Wiley has all media covered, it 'approves' and has all the boxes ticked. A simple device with a wealth of meaning that offered a great opportunity to stand out

Other ideas that I proposed also promised much for Wiley's future (click on the images above to see the full entry and to view the other ideas that I proposed). I love, particularly, the brand-idea The Edge in Knowledge and the symbol for the Uncovering more route. Also, route three was developed before AOL was launched and reviewed later in the same month on Brand New

Considering the recent soft launch of Wiley's new brand identity it appears that there is no longer any substantial reason to withhold my contributions. And, judging by the new identity it appears clear why Wiley got cold feet when our ideas were being developed

The new identity is a total cop-out and Wiley is now almost entirely devoid of ideas. Wiley may publish technical literature but this is no reason to avoid being evocative. I fear that if Wiley doesn't clearly differentiate itself with its identity it will need to offer significant innovation in the brand experience

See the new Wiley brand identity on Brand New