Life Financial Group – New identity
Monday, March 11, 2013

As mentioned in the previous post, Life Financial Group has a new brand identity, launched in late 2012 and designed by Russian agency, AIC. Click on the 'after' work above to find out more about AIC

The new brand identity looks to be based on cell division and growth, which is yet another interpretation of the brand-idea 'the essence of life' that we also worked with

The relationship diagram 'Look & Feel' route that I developed at SCG London in 2007 (click on the illustration visual in the 'before' work above) appears to have been implemented for Life Bank and also carried through into the new Life Financial Group brand. But, rather than the literal version that I designed, a looser and freer interpretation has been created

The new Life Financial Group identity is an improvement over the old identity, which we only had licence to evolve slightly and within a new brand architecture that was decidedly more corporate. Life Financial Group now has a vibrant and modern brand that should serve them well, especially if they take on a masterbrand strategy that delivers the brand at a retail level